Find your perfect Pokémon-themed code name

Add a slice of childhood nostalgia to your day with a Poké-themed code name.
Ideal for top secret projects, Agile Teams or even just a little creative inspiration.

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What is Poképroject? Why does it exist?

Having a code name for a project gives you a language 'placeholder' which you can use to reference it when communicating with others, but choosing such a name is actually quite a difficult task. Ideally your code name is one that is fun, memorable and unique, but that kind of inspiration is difficult to harness in a pinch.

Poképroject taps into the creative repository that is the Pokémon franchise, drawing on the most memorable monster attributes to find the perfect code name for your most exciting projects. Perfect for Spies, Secret Agents, Sales, Marketing or Agile Teams, or anyone who likes to have a bit of obscure fun.

Development Diary / Version History

06Oct 2016

Day Seven

This thing ain’t gonna market itself.

I’m running this ‘Development Diary’ on roughly a week’s worth of lag now, and after yesterday’s disastrous server-upgrade failure I thought it was about time I stepped back from the code and looked a little closer at marketing, specifically how to get some ‘organic’ traffic going towards PokéProject...

26Sept 2016

Day Six

Move fast, break shit.

Well, day six was a bit of a depressing development experience...

20Sept 2016

Day Five

Move fast, change things.

PokéProject has been live for just over a day now, and I’ve had some initial feedback from early users...

19Sept 2016

Day Four

Adverts, and going live.

At this point, we’ve prototyped our idea, improved it visually, sorted out our own store of data, and now it’s time to — finally — go live...

17Sept 2016

Day Three

Data, APIs and data transformation.

Changing the theme a bit, today has all been about data, APIs and data transformation...

14Sept 2016

Day Two

Where we refine the design.

A few days have passed since we started development [see days 0, 1], so there’s been a little time to sit down, review the prototype and refine our product vision...

11Sept 2016

Day One

Let’s get this show on the road.

We have our inspiration, so now it’s time to throw a prototype together. I’m pacing the development of this project out in blocks of a few hours at a time, and usually in an evening...

09Sept 2016


It all starts with an idea.

Unsurprisingly, you have to wait for inspiration to strike. This time it struck at the office, whilst sitting in a kick-off meeting for a new project...